Wastewater disposal concept for the Sotovento area on the island of Krk, Croatia

Various options for waste water collection and treatment were investigated for the 16 settlements which comprise the Sotovento area. In the first step of the analysis an inventory of pipework was made, and the future water demand estimated. On the basis of this data, the number and size of missing drainpipes, pumping stations and waste water treatment plants were calculated.

The core of the analysis of disposal options for this rural area, is a dynamic cost comparison, on the basis of which the long-term most favourable option could be established. Furthermore, the measures to be taken were prioritised, through an analysis of the efficient use of the allocated money. Thus the design offered the possibility of undertaking the project in phases.

Services provided by igr

  • Definition of 6 different options (using centralised, partly centralised and decentralised systems)
  • Estimation of costs
  • Preparation of a dynamic cost comparison calculation
  • Technical analysis of the results

Key figures

  • ca. 2,000 PE