Planning, management and supervision of the Kaiserslautern biomass thermal power plant, city of Kaiserslautern

The Kaiserslautern joint venture for waste management (ZAK) has decided to utilise biomass in a thermal power plant at the Kapiteltal depot. A biomass thermal power plant was built for this purpose. igr was commissioned with the planning and project management.

The economic efficiency of such a plant depends, amongst other things, on the power being on the power being fed into the public power network at subsidised rates (as required by German renewable energy legislation). In Germany, the network operator is required to accept renewably generated power and to pay a minimum tariff to the producer.

Old and new wood, landfill gas from the landfill waste, and biogas derived from methanation are used in the biomass thermal power plant.

The biomass thermal power plant provides the following types of energy: electrical energy, heat extracted for the internal company network, and process heat recovery.

Services provided by igr

  • Project management
  • Planning of engineering constructions
  • Structural planning
  • Specialist planning of technical equipment
  • Technical surveying services

Key figures

  • 25,000 MWh/a power output
  • 4,000 MWh/a heat output
  • 20,000 t/a combustible material – wood (class A I and A II)
  • 800 Nm³/h landfill/bio gas