The InfraTech as a trade fair for roads and civil engineering takes place in the turn of a year in the Netherlands and Germany. This year, the city of Essen was the organizer under the motto "Maintaining and expanding infrastructures".

For this project in the Western Eifel between Trier and the North Rhine-Westphalian border various supply media (water, biogas, gas, fiber optic cable, electricity) were laid in a common trench over a total length of approx. 130 km.

Mr. Andreas Brand (Graduate Engineer), branch manager at igr Rhine-Main, will have a teaching position at the Rhine-Main University in Wiesbaden for the summer semester 2020.

As a key to a successful future igr promotes, i. a., the professional development of its employees.

The purchase agreement was signed on 17th September 2019, and the purchase subsequently recorded in the trade register; marking the merging of hydrodat into igr AG.