Lörzweiler resolves on second construction phase of the construction area "Kleine Hahl"

This year, igr welcomes three new apprentices as draftsman in civil engineering, traffic engineering and landscaping. Shkodran Rexhaj and Marcel Wolf will absolve their apprenticeship at the head office in Rockenhausen. Jenny Stahr, the third apprentice, will be trained in the subsidiary in Erfurt.

At the general assembly on the 28th of August of this year, Dr. Gert Kühbeck withdrew from igr’s Board of Directors at his own request. Dr. Gert Kübeck was a part of the Board since igr’s transformation from a GmbH to an AG. In all those years, he did excellent work for igr due to his great commitment and expertise.

Due to demographic and economic developments, in many rural areas the question has to be raised nowadays, whether existing infrastructures can be used economically in the future and whether they should be obtained as they are, although the underlying conditions may have changed. Especially for water supply and wastewater disposal systems with their long term useful lives finding flexible strategies for transformation is of great importance.

Under the slogan “The dream of flying has come true. It’s time for new dreams”, a new and innovative use of Tegel airport in Germany’s capital is being planned. Along with the opening of the international airport BER in the southeast of Berlin, the current airport Tegel will be closed, and will therefore turn into one of the largest available inner-city development areas.