As a key to a successful future igr promotes, i. a., the professional development of its employees.

The purchase agreement was signed on 17th September 2019, and the purchase subsequently recorded in the trade register; marking the merging of hydrodat into igr AG.

Regional Network System Westeifel (RVWE)

Currently, various supply lines are laid in different sections on a length of 140 km between Trier and the Belgium border. Included are lines for water DN 300, gas DA 225 and empty conduits for fibre optic cable and others to be installed.

A new emission-free connection in Darmstadt

The technical university at the "Lichtwiese" in Darmstadt is currently only reachable by bus traffic.

On the 27th of September 2019 the cross-town link of Würzweiler (District Donnersberg) was released for traffic in the course of the L 400.