Water management has long been a core area of work at igr. Our experts use a holistic approach to developing comprehensive, innovative and sustainable design concepts in relation to drinking, industrial, waste, rain and ground water. We always take economic viability and affordability into account.

More so than any other area, ensuring a reliable supply of drinking water demands more than just technical solutions to water pumping, processing and distribution. Our expertise encompasses rain water management, intelligent approaches to domestic water use, and waste water treatment. Iterative planning programs allow all participants to contribute to the development of a well thought-through and future-proofed solution.

Following the extreme rainfall events of recent years, flood defense has become the new challenge of our age. In recent decades de-paving and rainwater management have become proven countermeasures. igr is also ready to advise on specialist equipment for flood-endangered buildings and underground garages, as well as the use of sensible measures to safely drain rainwater.

At igr we are committed to respecting the natural water cycle and thus to the principle that water is a valuable resource, to be used carefully and environmentally.