Surface waterway ecological restorations, and waterway development and re-construction belong to engineering tasks in which nature protection plays a major role. igr has guided many planning permission processes, for example, for the new build of a bridge over the Alsenz, with an associated re-routing of a section of the river, or for the development of building or business areas requiring waterway re-routing. Where possible, the waterways are removed from concrete pipes and transformed into natural waterway beds. igr has also been able to support large projects, such as airports, with extensive waterway re-constructions, flood retaining basins, weirs and the installation of water gauges.

In cases of flood protection from near-by waterways, igr has also been able, with the help of technical measures, to protect against further flooding, for example in the underground garage of the German embassy in Paris.

In all projects, we are happy to prepare and guide the authorisations through to planning permission in accordance with § 68 WHG, or in accordance with regional water laws, including undertaking the hydraulic calculations.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Flood protection
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Watercourse upgrading
  • Ecological restoration

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