Agenda 2030

Shaping the future

igr is a company, which has always created room for manoeuvre, in order to anticipate changes in the market. Particularly in recent years, both the commissioners’ targets and the technical and legal environments have either changed, or are undergoing a process of change.

As a result, a skilful and sustainable adjustment of the company’s orientation is essential to keep igr ‘fit for the future’.

To this end we are using our advantage as a medium-sized company, and have initiated an integral process, involving all staff.

The title of the forward-looking programme is Agenda 2030, reflecting the timescale of the action plan to be developed.

The agreed guiding principles of the agenda are illustrated by the following key words: cooperative, goal-orientated, consistent, sustainable.

The agenda will be developed in facilitated workshops, from which working groups charged with finding solutions to upcoming challenges will be formed. A whole company approach will be developed through the coordination of individual measures. The goal is to strengthen available capability, eliminate weaknesses and establish additional client-orientated skills.

Our fields of work and our personnel are two important agenda themes. These are two key areas that are closely linked. Similarly, questions about future markets and qualifications also demand attention.

For us, shaping the future means: to act before we are forced to react.