We create overall locality strategies for wind farms, solar parks and biomass power plants. In order to find appropriate landscapes (and above all, environmentally compatible locations), igr has undertaken location searches both in Germany and abroad.

We investigate conflicting uses and consider them with regard to safety margins. We investigate ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ taboo zones. After an elimination process, the remaining restriction-free areas undergo further analysis. An evaluation of the suitable areas follows as a result.

On the basis of this comprehensive and neutral investigation, and the resulting suitable areas, towns, municipal authorities and administrative districts can make decisions as to which areas could be designated for use as wind farms, solar parks and biomass power plants.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Overall locality strategies for wind energy, photovoltaic (free-standing and roof-sited) and biomass power plants
  • Investigation of hard and soft taboo zones
  • Evaluation of potential areas and investigation of suitable sites
  • Drawing up of plans by means of geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Designation of special areas for renewable energy through the updating of land use development plans
  • Preparation of environmental reports and expert reports on species protection law (including mapping)

Selected references