FTF Besichtigung

The design and construction supervision of airports and airfields is deeply embedded in the history of igr. We have been active in this area since our inception, when the first commissions for the NATO/US air bases at Bitburg, Hahn, Ramstein, Spangdehlem, Sembach and Zweibrücken arrived.

Since then, igr has become one of the leading engineering service providers in Germany in this area of expertise. This is the case for civilian aviation as well as military air bases, both for German and international clients.

We offer a broad range of specialist airside services. From runways, via taxiways and aprons, ramps, drainage, lighting, landing systems, refuelling systems, engine test bays, expert environmental/nature protection plans, or the installation of a training area for airport fire services, we offer our clients holistic solutions and can produce relevant references.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Newbuild aircraft pavements
  • Pavement extension
  • Airport facilities

Selected references