Aus-, Weiter und Fortbildung

igr offers young people a multi-faceted training programme, and consistently promotes the continuous professional development of its staff.


igr currently offers 8 trainees a work experience apprenticeship. The trainees are totally integrated into the daily business of the company, and given a deep insight into the company’s specialisms, through seminars delivered by in-house experts, as well as practical training in construction and construction site visits. The number of trainees, in comparison to the staff, demonstrates the how seriously we take the development of young people at igr. Our success proves that this strategy is the right one. igr trainees have already several times been recognised for their outstanding work by the Rheinland-Pfalz Chamber of Engineers.

Currently at igr, trainee draftsmen (m/f) are active in the fields of civil engineering, road building and landscaping, and trainee IT specialist (m/f) in the area of systems integration. At regular intervals we look for enthusiastic young people interested in training in these fields, or in training as geomaticians (see jobs).

Higher education

igr supports the concept of combined degree and vocational studies, and offers the possibility of cooperation in a variety of specialist areas. This concept provides for the student to become a member of staff, receiving a commensurate salary, while undertaking their studies. For this, the students commit themselves to complete the study elements, such as their pre-study placement, their periods of practical training, their projects and bachelor dissertations, at igr, and to work at the company during the semester breaks.


All year round, we offer school and college students the chance to gain an insight into professional life, and to complete a placement in one of the company’s areas of expertise. For example, in the ‘draftsman’ occupational area, placements are supported by a training programme, which gives the trainees the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a variety of specialisms and associated software.

On-going training

igr promotes the on-going training of all staff through a diverse programme of seminars. Professional and strategic development is individually tailored, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the employee and the company. A long-standing focus of the on-going training programme is learning to use specialist software.

Continuous professional development

Many igr staff welcome the opportunity to continue their professional development, thereby attaining higher professional qualifications, such as ‘technician’ or ‘MSc’. Our company is a reliable partner, which always encourages this sort of commitment.