The igr project development team offers full and holistic support for your building projects. Our approach goes well beyond standard engineering services, and involves a plurality of multi-faceted and interlinked procedures.

With you, we develop the correct project idea; advise on the choice of appropriate sites; and support you in finding project-appropriate financing and optimal end-users.

igr are your first point of contact during the entire life of the project, from its conception to implementation, completion and hand-over (inclusive of the preparation of realistic costings and attractive presentation material, and the search for potential purchase or leasing interest, as well as all associated contract negotiations).

Whether your construction plans are for a single building, site development, business or industrial parks, waste water treatment plants, sewage systems, water pipework or transport systems, we can compile market, site and profitability analyses. We can also compile a project strategy, including a utilisation, marketing and financial strategy. We undertake the construction preparation using a project controlling system, commission expert advice, oversee the planning and construction phases, provide engineering services, and work for and alongside you during the entire construction process right up to the point of hand-over.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Project design
  • Location analyses, feasibility studies
  • Development
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Funding applications

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