At igr we know that, “New approaches to urban development and spatial planning are required; for available space decreases, while demands increase”.

Urban development and spatial planning face new challenges. Space for essential urban development is frequently unavailable in towns and cities. In the countryside there is a growing problem with empty buildings and a rural exodus. These effects of demographic changes are increasingly influencing planning considerations. Globalisation, new forms of media and the rising demands of climate protection have all contributed significantly to a change in urban development processes. Active citizens’ involvement is also exerting ever greater influence on planning processes. Our task is to recognize, analyse and find lasting solutions to the complexity of connections involved in urban development.

Since settlement land must be utilised and improved more effectively, innovative concepts and a holistic approach are required. The creation of additional living space in inner cities and town centres through sensible in-fill and the conversion of abandoned industrial land, are new areas of activity, to which we can apply our experience and know-how. The possibilities of saving energy and the use of reusable energy to protect the environment are topical issues, with which we have successfully worked for many years. We always consider the resultant questions, arising from this approach, in every aspect of urban development. With our extensive experience, we are able to use our expertise to provide effective and sustainable support to our customers.