Modern sewage systems offer many ways to separate the drainage of waste water and storm water. We offer alternatives showing the most economical and sustainable solutions. Our goal is an efficient and localised way of dealing with storm water that doesn’t require treatment, as well as a way of safely draining and economically treating storm and waste water that does require treatment. Our planning and drainage concepts see water as a precious resource and guarantee an environmentally friendly and economic approach to its use.

In the field of waste water treatment, igr has a great deal of ‘know how’ with regard to waste water treatment plants of every size and type (mechanical, biological and chemical treatment). We support our clients in choosing the right treatment system, through a technical and economic comparison of centralised solutions, such as collective treatment plants, and decentralised solutions, such as constructed wetlands.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Waste water purification
  • Waste water drainage
  • Waste water disposal schemes
  • Economic efficiency studies
  • Waste water treatment plant construction, extension and refurbishment
  • Technical equipment
  • Process optimisation
  • Sewage sludge treatment and disposal
  • Sewage pipe rehabilitation
  • Databases
  • Fees calculation
  • Development
  • Pollution load modelling

Selected references