Despite Albania's rich water resources, the development of water supply network and sewerage system is unsatisfactory in most urban areas and is neither enough nor sustainable in rural areas. Therefore, one of the government's main objectives is the sustainable development of water supply and wastewater disposal plants, adapted to the needs of the population, the growing industry and the convergence to EU standards.

As part of the modernization and reconstruction measures of the Bundeswehr's central hospital in Koblenz, preparatory work is currently underway for the construction of a new operating and functional building. Since 2015, igr has been commissioned with the planning, the construction supervision and the coordination of the traffic facilities and the engineering structures.

At the beginning of June 2020, igr received a large order for further long-term processing of the regional network system West Eifel / RVWE!

In February 2018, the Croatian government declared the " Regional Water Supply System of the Zagreb County - Zagreb East " a strategic investment project of the Republic of Croatia.The project includes the cities of Dugo Selo, Ivanić-Grad, Vrbovec and Sveti Ivan Zelina, as well as the municipalities of Brckovljani, Rugvica, Kloštar Ivanić, Križ, Dubrava, Farkaševac, Gradec, Preseka, Rakovec and Bedenica.

The civil engineering work to expand the canal in the Westrich industrial center in Ramstein-Miesenbach has been successfully completed.