The purchase agreement was signed on 17th September 2019, and the purchase subsequently recorded in the trade register; marking the merging of hydrodat into igr AG.

hydrodat GbR’s purchaser is BKW Engineering. igr has been a part of the BKW Group since 1st August 2018. hydrodat has joined igr as a complete unit, with its entire workforce and all its projects.

With the merger, hydrodat and igr have combined their business activities and expanded the range of services they offer in the areas of infrastructure, water and waste-water management, and flood protection. hydrodat will be moving into igr’s Bitburg brach office premises in the Johannes-Kepler-Straße 7, 54634 Bitburg/Flugplatz during the fourth quarter of 2019.

From the 1st October 2019, Herr Hentges (formerly a board member with hydrodat) took over the leadership of the igr branch office in Bitburg.

Werner Andres