Palatia Ingenieur- und Städtebau GmbH, together with the city of Wörrstadt, is developing the second construction phase of the "Hinter der Bahn" building area with a size of 17.9 ha. To this end, igr has created an urban planning concept which, in accordance with the demands of the city council, should have a focus in climate protection. According to the current concept, over 300 residential units are being built. In the south an investor is planning a senior center.

The urban planning concept allowes a mix of different types of construction. In addition to the need for classic single-family house development, this should also create rental housing, affordable living space, space-saving living space and courtyards.

The city would like to realize a "Smart City" project, i. a. to be able to implement climate protection measures effectively:
  • Storage of surface water and irrigation on green areas, above-ground water drainage (evaporative cooling, discharge of drainage capability)
  • Green roofs (retention of surface water, evaporative cooling)
  • Generous green areas as cold air generation areas and ventilation
  • Energy generation from regenerative energy (photovoltaics, cold local heating, geothermal energy)
  • Car sharing (e-cars, e-scooters)
  • Optimized material selection to reduce heat absorption (roofs, facades, road surface)
  • Climate protection measures in buildings (photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, forced ventilation, insulation, heat pumps, battery storage ...)
These measures should be examined in more detail in a study supported by the Ministry of the Environment. The building area/development plan are intended to serve as a pilot project for future building areas.

Hartmut Jopp