igr growth continues within the BKW network

Since 1st August 2018 BKW Germany Ltd. is the majority share holder

BKW is expanding its engineering network and as a result is continuing its growth in the service sector. With igr, a top-performing medium-sized business has joined BKW Engineering.

The demand for infrastructure services is very large. Simultaneously, the demand for holistic infrastructure planning is growing. This concerns efficiency, sustainability, ecology and practicality, as well as sensible resource allocation. This is exactly where the strength of BKW Engineering lies.

Welcome Kleinmachnow!

Rockenhausen, Bitburg, Erfurt, Zagreb, Schweich, Hamburg, Darmstadt – and now Kleinmachnow is also officially part of the igr family.

In August 2018 a HGV weighbridge was installed for the biomass heating plant in Enkenbach-Alsenborn.

As part of the agenda „Youth encounter YOUrope“, which is promoted by the European Union, eight teenagers and one supervisor found their way to the igr on the 24th of July 2018. Five polish, one croatian and two german teenagers from three partner cities of Rockenhausen participated in the agenda, to form international friendships and discuss cross-border topics like integration of refugees, opportunities of education in foreign countries and unemployment of the youth.

In the middle of april construction work started