In 2010, the union municipality of Enkenbach-Alsenborn commissioned igr with the overall update of the land use plan and the re-establishment of the landscape plan. After the merger with the former union municipality Hochspeyer, the land use pland and the landscape plan were extended to the affiliated municipality and covored an area of 142,39 km² in 8 municipalities with around 20.000 inhabitants.

The content of the land use plan was essentially the settlement development of the individual communities. For this purpose, the need (threshold values) was first determined in intensive coordination with the authorities and updating the vacant land register (room+). With the help of "area profiles", comprehensible evaluations of potentially suitable residential building areas were created, which made it easier for the communities to weigh up and determine. Commercial development was also considered in the land use plan and defined in individual communities.

In the landscape plan, the protected goods soil, water, air and climate were considered and the direct interactions with biotope and species protection and the landscape were examined. Furthermore, it applied to the different open space structures – e.g. Forest areas (Palatinate Forest) and open land areas ("Mehlinger Heide", agricultural land) – to develop suitable measures for the developmenet of nature and landscape. The local communities were intensively involved in the planning process.  The area pool developed in this way for possible compensation areas was included in the land use plan for information.

In 2022, the land use plan was approved by the district administration of Kaiserslautern without any changes.

Tina Lüer, Hartmut Jopp