Redundant re-laying of the southern part of the Ried line (R2S) – 18.40 km of water line DN 1000 near Darmstadt.

Summer 2022: Conclusion of the discussion on the planning approval procedure in accordance with Section 65, Paragraph 1 of the Environmental Impacts Assessment Act.

igr reports/services:
  • Accompaniment of the plan approval procedure with scoping procedures and disclosure (Hearing, processing and discussion of opinions)
  • Landscape conservation support plan
  • Natura 2000 assessment (to three Nature 2000 areas)
  • Technical paper on the Water Framework Directive (including 12 water crossings)
  • Examination under species protection law
  • Application for forest conversion
  • Compilation of further documents
  • Ecological construction supervision/ÖBB for preliminary measures (subsoil investigations, line location)
  • Area management GIS database for
           -  Exploratory drilling and
           -  Concession Agreements
  • Preparation of documents totaling approx. 800 pages of text/tables, 85 site plans
Planing area

770 ha including all mapping LBP, avifauna, European Hamster, dormouse/insects/reptiles/amphibians potential areas
  • Consideration of 17 major route alternatives
  • Consideration of approx. 70 participating bodies/statements
  • Around the end of 2022; Completion of the planning approval process
  • Approx. 2023/2024: structural implementation
Daniel Heintz