Tank- Rastanlagen

A 65 Pfälzer Weinstraße West service station

Commissioned by the state enterprise Mobilität Worms, igr prepared a site design for the extension and upgrading of the Pfälzer Weinstraße West service station. The planning aim was to significantly increase the parking capacity for heavy goods vehicles in line with the BMVBS‘s (Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development) expansion programme. In considering the prevailing conditions and constraining factors, the existing petrol station and franchisees’ area, the existing water ways and intersection structures, and the existing infrastructure were of particular relevance. Through the new design additional parking places for heavy goods vehicles, buses and cars were provided, and also parking for special vehicles.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of traffic infrastructure

Key figures

  • 48 heavy goods vehicle parking places
  • 24 car parking places
  • 2 bus parking places
  • 200 m of parking for special vehicles