Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlage Schwarzhausen

Drinking water treatment plant, Schwarzhausen

A plant to treat and distribute drinking water was built in the close proximity of the existing Schwarzhausen distribution station, on behalf of the Gotha water and waste water association (WAG) and the district municipalities.

In the water treatment plant, the water from the nearby deep wells is treated in such a way, before it is fed into the water supply, that it can be mixed in the supply network with (spring) water from the Thielberg water treatment plant. In accordance with current DVGW and DIN regulations, an aeration of the water from the deep well achieves a water-chemistry alignment. In addition, a chlorine dioxide plant for disinfection and a pressure boosting unit were installed in the new building.

By siting the drinking water treatment plant in close proximity to the existing distribution station, and building a new access road form the L 1027 highway, access to the plant was improved.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning EMSR technology
  • Object planning engineering structures
  • Specialist planning technical equipment
  • Specialist structural planning
  • On-site construction supervision of engineering structures
  • Preparation of a hydrogeological expert report

Key figures

  • 25 m² masonry from poroton bricks, d = 36.5 cm
  • 72 m² composite insulation system and fascia
  • Stainless steel pressure pipes and fittings
  • Drinking water aeration Pressure booster unit
  • Disinfection unit ClO2
  • Remote control technology and EMSR technology
  • ca. 140 m PE-HD pipework DA 90 – DA180 in an underground chamber