Re-flooding the Geisweiher nature reserve, Ramstein Airbase

In the first half of the 19th century, peat was removed from the area of the Geisweiher nature reserve and from the Westplafz moors, and the marsh in Landstuhl was extensively drained. Due to the substantial new construction work on the Ramstein Airbase, which lies in this area, a significant imbalance in the water flows occurred (§ 61 und § 62 Landeswassergesetz).

Prior to the inflow of both the Floßbach and Mohrbach streams into the area, the streams were narrowed using bio-engineering techniques, ensuring the re-flooding of the nature reserve. A retained volume is effectively created in the area, by deliberately causing a backlog.

At the inflow of the Mohrbach an earth wall up to 40 cm high with a central weir was constructed, to distribute the water across the area and ensure constant infiltration.

Services provided by igr

  • Project leadership/Project management
  • Environmental management supporting plan
  • Planning engineering constructions
  • Design and construction surveying
  • On-site construction supervision
  • As-built documentation

Key figures

  • 1 weir
  • ca. 6 000 m³ retained volume
  • ca. 300 m earth wall, 40 cm high
  • ca. 10 new pools