Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse verschiedener technischer Varianten für die Abwassersammlung und -behandlung in der Gemeinde Kraljevica (Kroatien)

Economic analysis of various technical options for waste water collection and treatment in the Kraljevica municipality, Croatia

On the basis of a preliminary study, six options for waste water collection and purification were investigated for the Kraljevica municipality. As a first step in the analysis, an inventory of pipework was undertaken, and future water demand established. Based on this data, the length and sizes of the missing drain pipes were calculated.

The core of the analysis, the dynamic cost comparison calculation, was made on the basis of the estimated costs for the missing drain pipes, pumping stations and waste water treatment plants.

The result of the analysis is a preferred option, which is the best option due to advantageous investment and long-term costs, and on technical grounds.

In addition, a cost comparison between a 1 km sea outlet pipe in combination with a lower purification level, and a higher purification level with a short sea outlet, was made in the analysis.

Services provided by igr

  • Definition of 6 different options
  • Establishing of costs
  • Undertaking a dynamic cost comparison calculation
  • Technical analysis of the results
  • Cost comparison between sea outlet and higher purification level

Key figures

  • ca. 5,500 PE
  • ca. 5,200 m sewage pipework
  • ca. 4 pumping stations
  • ca. 2 waste water treatment plants