Development of “Shopping City Zagreb”, the town of Zapresic, Croatia

Just outside the Croatian capital Zagreb, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Croatia, the “Shopping City Zagreb”, is being built on an approximately 110 ha site. The site will be developed as a mix of shopping centre, specialist shops, business, logistics, sport and leisure facilities.

The West Gate, within the Shopping City Zagreb, is one of the largest shopping centre in Croatia at this time. Moreover, an entertainment park and a multifunctional hotel/office/business/conference centre, as well as a retail park are planned.

Services provided by igr

  • Feasibility study
  • General planning services
  • Design, construction supervision and site management
  • Sub-surface investigation
  • Design and construction supervision of the site preparation
  • Design of traffic infrastructure
  • Design of engineering constructions
  • Design of technical equipment
  • Surveying
  • As built documentation

Key figures

  • ca. 9 km traffic infrastructure (ca. 3 km of which being a more important road – a so called county road)
  • ca. 10 km water supply lines (ca. 5 km of which being a higher level water supply)
  • ca. 7.5 km waste water pipes with pumping station (ca. 2.5 km of which being higher level sewers)
  • ca. 2.5 km surface water way channels
  • ca. 6 km storm water channelling
  • ca. 4 km gas supply (medium pressure) and ca. 2 km gas supply (high pressure), plus a pressure reduction station
  • Electricity supply
  • Communication ducting system