General drainage plan for the Mehring municipality

In order to obtain knowledge about the run-off characteristics in the sewer network, a general drainage plan was created for the Mehring municipality. Consequently, a survey of the sewer network was undertaken, site data was collected and presented in plans. The hydraulic calculation determined where the bottle necks were. The rehabilitation design shows which normal diameter sewers needed to be enlarged, where the network capacity is adequate, and where, if required, network branches and diversions make sense.

Services provided by igr

  • Surveying
  • Visual inspection
  • Hydrodynamic network calculation with HYSTEM-EXTRAN
  • Presentation of the rehabilitation recommendations
  • Data handover for the sewers database

Key figures

  • ca. 15 km mixed water sewers, DN 250 – DN 2000
  • 3 storm water overflows
  • 1 storm water overflow basin