SBK Gensingen Ökopark

Development site "Ökopark am Wiesbach", Gensingen municipality, Mainz-Bingen district

Due to high demand in that part of the municipality, the Gensingen municipality wishes to prepare a site plan for an area, to allow the construction of residential accommodation, which will use solar energy as its primary energy source. igr first checked whether any vacant building plots were available in exisiting residential areas within the municipality, suitable for such a project. No areas suitable for solar energy homes were found. As an alternative, an area adjacent to an existing residential site could be recommended. The site offers suitable conditions to become an ecopark , through its south-facing position with an east/west orientation.

Services provided by igr

  • Site development plan
  • Environmental report
  • Nature conservation specialist report

Key figures

  • Total area ca. 1.0 ha
  • 13 building plots