"Rambusch - Kirchtal" development site, Otterbach municipality, district of Kaiserslautern

igr planned the technical supply and disposal systems and the traffic infrastructure and supervised the construction process for a developer.

A great deal of coordination was required due to the difficulties of the site (topography, technical restrictions on supply lines, 350 kV power line, fuel supply line, rail tracks, a by-pass for the main road).

Services provided by igr

  • Project leadership/project management
  • Project coordination for gas/electricity/telecommunications
  • Environmental management subsidiary planning
  • Planning of traffic infrastructure
  • Planning of engineering structures
  • Planning of open spaces
  • Planning of play grounds
  • Planning of street lighting
  • Structural design
  • Design and construction surveying
  • As built documentation
  • Urban development planning

Key figures

  • ca. 19,000 m² traffic surfaces
  • ca. 9,000 m water pipes and sewers
  • 2 road junctions to connect to the main road
  • ca. 400 m noise barrier
  • 300 m relocation of a 350 kV power line
  • ca. 5,000 m³ storm water retention troughs
  • Crossings of the train line and main road with an infrastructure line in tunnelling
  • 32 house connections