Kenn Wohngebiet Kenner LeyII

Baugebiet "Kenner Ley II", Gemeinde Kenn, Kreis Trier-Saarburg

Immediately on the edge of Trier, a residential construction site is being developed on middle location meadows, orchards and fields with bordering woods. In order to prevent a prohibited action under § 44 BnatSchG being " planned in", species protection legislation needed to be intensively checked at the level of the site development plan. This was thoroughly checked to ensure the legal basis of the planning.

On the basis of an occurrence data assessment for all species (extensive species conservation research using data from the Trier-Saarburg State Office for the Environment), the Common Pipistrelle and the Lesser Noctule emerged as principally relevant to the planning process. The fruit trees and wooded borders were mapped for their colonisation.

A large number of birds of prey and migratory bird could be logged; nursery and winter roosts were not found.

Through the preservation of transit structures and careful fabrication of replacement habitats, there was no violation of the ban on destroying, disturbing or accessing habitats.

Services provided by igr

  • Species protection legislation preliminary examination (focus on bats and birds)
  • Species protection implementation strategy
  • Detector inspections and mapping of potential bat roosts from June to October according to weather conditions
  • Planning and creation of replacement habitats (bat boxes) for bats in external compensation areas
  • Environmental report with expert report on intervention regulations
  • Site plan
  • Storm water management design
  • Surveying
  • Traffic infrastructure
  • Water supply/waste water disposal
  • Construction supervision

Key figures

  • Investigation area: ca 13.4 ha
  • Total area of site plan: 8.4 ha (two phases)