Flugplatz Ramstein Risikoeinschätzung Detailuntersuchung

Risk assessment and detailed examination in line with BBodSchG, BbodSchV, Ramstein Air Base

Due to historical usage, there are several suspected contaminated sites on the Ramstein NATO Air Base. They comprise: a landfill of not fully explained origin on open land; a repeatedly remodelled surface area of a present-day apron; a former oil separator (which has already been removed and disposed of); as well as 2 refuelling areas that are still occasionally used.

igr developed a detailed work plan and Quality Program Plan, including a work safety plan and a sampling and analysis plan, for each site. The investigations served the horizontal and vertical limits of the harmful soil modifications/contaminated sites with respect to the discernable impact on rooting crops, ground water and (when relevant) direct oral uptake of the soil. Some of the sites could be removed from those suspected of contamination, while for some, further investigations are required to determine their extent and to reach a final damage assessment.

Services provided by igr

  • Risk assessment
  • Detailed investigation in line with BBodSchG, BbodSchV and/or Alex lists
  • Project management including responsibility for all commercial services: core drilling/ground water measuring points, small ramming drilling, laboratory, ammunition reconnaissance
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Construction supervision

Key figures

  • 10 x core drillings up to ca. 20 m deep
  • 18 x installation of ground water measuring points up to 30 m deep
  • 136 x small ramming drillings up to 5 m deep
  • 5 sites on the entire Air Base