Development planning for the building area ‘Kleine Hahl’ in the municipality of Lörzweiler

The building area ‘Kleine Hahl’ was developed (in 2 construction phases with a total area of 4.4 ha) for the municipality of Lörzweiler at the edge of the village in an area of existing wine terraces.

Through sustainable storm water management, the storm water from the building area is retained in central reserve troughs and feeds into the Flügel stream by trickling or controlled flow. The outer area’s water is collected in interception ditches on the northern edge of the building area. Most of the rain water from the building area drains away via storm water channels. In order to establish the most economic waste water connection, the longer gravity connection to the main drain was compared to the construction of a pumping station.

Services provided by igr

  • Development plan ‘An der kleinen Hahl’ in the Lörzweiler municipality
  • Rain water management system and drainage planning
  • Approval planning with application to discharge rain water in accordance with § 7 WHG or §27 LWG with water management compensation in accordance with §§ 61, 62 LWG, Water permits in accordance with § 68 WHG for waterway construction, permission in accordance with § 76 LWG for measurements in the 10 m range
  • Coordinated pipework planning
  • Planning of traffic systems
  • Tendering and on-site construction supervision

Key figures (Phase 1)

  • 4.4 ha total area with ca. 80 building lots
  • 1 000 m infrastructure roads
  • 1 600 m storm water channel and waste water pipelines DN 250 – DN 500
  • 500 m storm water ditch system with 3 cascades and a ford
  • 760 m³ storage volume