Construction of a Cardiac Unit (building 60a) and extension of the central Accident and Emergency Unit at the University Clinic in Magdeburg

A new Cardiac Unit will be built on the site of the University Clinic in Magdeburg (public-law institution). In addition, the extension of the existing Accident and Emergency (A&E) Unit (building 60a) is planned.

The grounds of the Otto-von-Guericke-University are situated on the Leipziger Straße in the centre of Magdeburg, and, as a collection of buildings of historic importance, are protected as listed buildings. The associated special requirements will be taken into account by igr in the project planning.

As commissioned by the BLSA (Saxony-Anhalt state building and property management agency), igr is planning the engineering structures and traffic facilities for the external technical development, as well as access road positioning for the A&E unit, building 60a, and the Cardiac Unit (building 60c) construction site – always taking note of any updating of the building plans.

As one of the engineering structures, igr is planning an underground passageway between the Cardiac Unit (60c) and the A&E Unit (60a), which is intended for an automatic goods transport system as well as for patient transfer.

In the course of the planning process other locations will be considered, and a multi-disciplinary economic efficiency study will be undertaken.

Services provided by igr

  • Services connected with as-built surveying
  • Service pipeline coordination
  • Traffic and outdoor facilities for all project phases
  • Civil engineering for the pedestrian passageway and Structural engineering for all construction phases
  • Technical equipment for waste water, water and gas systems (ALG 1), ventilation systems (ALG 3), high-voltage systems (ALG 4), and telecommunication and IT systems (ALG 5) for all construction phases

Key figures

  • 2 reinforced concrete structures for the pedestrian passageway
  • ca 2,000 m² traffic facilities – subject to listed building protection requirements
  • Surface drainage systems and development of the planned buildings’ markings and signage