Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe residential area "Am Hühnerstein"

A new residential area with ca. 200 building plots is being developed on the ca. 11.6 ha site.

The "Am Hühnerstein" site is situated at the southeast edge of the suburb, on the far side of the Vilbeler Straße. The site development plan is being prepared. It should be noted that on this project site the surface water from public paths and roads has to be managed close to the surface via gullies and connecting troughs within public green spaces. The rainwater from private areas and the outside catchment areas will be drained via sewers and fed, together with the rainwater from the public areas, into the local existing drainage channel of the Erlenbach via a flow restrictor.

igr has been commissioned by the town of Bad Homburg to plan and implement the building of the rainwater and waste water sewers. igr has also been commissioned by the Bad Homburg municipal works to plan and implement the building of the water and heating supply pipes.

Within the scope of the engineering construction works, igr is planning a storage sewer immediately in front of the flood-relief structure on the Erlenbach. The proof of low flood risk must be provided for the entire site, and in particular the underground garage sites must be flood-proof.

Services provided by igr

  • Verification of surveying data
  • Coordination of 4 service lines
  • Planning of engineering structure in all construction phases
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • ca. 11,6 ha project area
  • ca. 2,100 m (pipe)line length for each service line
  • ca. 450 m³ storage sewer