Wilgartswiesen Hauenstein „Interkommunales Gewerbegebiet, IGK“

A commercial park with ca. 66,500 m² of usable commercial space is being developed on a ca. 11.2 ha topographically highly varied site.

The area of „IKG Wilgartswiesen - Hauenstein“, located north of Hauenstein, is extensively wooded and is bordered along its entire length by a Deutsche Bahn railway line. Between the Hauenstein-Mitte railway station in the east, and the vehicle access point on the road bridge over the B10 in the west, the project area extends to a total length of 850 m.

The site development plan is in preparation. The surface water from the public paths and roads will be managed close to the surface via troughs within open green spaces. Other rainwater will be directed into retention basins via sewers to seep away.

The proof of low flood risk must be provided for the entire site, in particular the business locations must be flood-proof.

In parts of the project area a NATO pipeline is to be relocated. The services to coordinate this are to be provided.

Services provided by igr

  • Verification of surveying data
  • Coordination of service lines
  • Planning the traffic and outdoor facilities and the engineering structures in all construction phases
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • ca. 11.2 ha project area
  • ca. 1,200 m (pipe)line length for each service
  • ca. 2,500 m³ retention basins
  • ca. 10,000 m² open spaces design
  • ca. 6,800 m² Traffic areas