Due to the ongoing climate change and the associated changes in terrestrial weather conditions, such as the increase in long-lasting heat and dry periods as well as short, intense heavy rain events, the municipalities are confronted with enormous problems and the associated challenges.

When it comes to adapting to climate change, water is of central importance in urban areas. The focus here is on both a near-natural water balance and intelligent water management with a blue-green infrastructure. The so-called principle of the "Sponge City" serves as a model for water-friendly urban development.

The igr aims to develop the second construction phase of the construction area "Hinter der Bahn" in the city of Wörrstadt according to the "Sponge City" principle in close coordination with the city council in order to counteract the consequences of climate change in the best possible way and in the interests of the municipality.

Janis Steuerwald