The InfraTech as a trade fair for roads and civil engineering takes place in the turn of a year in the Netherlands and Germany. This year, the city of Essen was the organizer under the motto "Maintaining and expanding infrastructures".

One priority theme of the accompanying expert symposium was "Digitization in the Construction Industry". The igr was also invited with its presentation "Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Use of the method in civil engineering and road construction".

The igr employees Frank Werner and Philipp Bernreiter reached with their jointly presented reports on their first practical BIM experience in civil engineering a strongly represented and very interested specialist audience. The great interest of the audience in this presentation reflects the currency and urgency of digitization topics in the construction industry.

Thus, the InfraTech 2020 was an excellent platform for the dialogue and the exchange of experience, and not least for ongoing networking with all parties in the infrastructure.

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Frank Werner