In the night from July 14th to 15th 2021, river floods but also heavy rain caused particularly major damage to roads, bridges, paths and passages in large parts of Gerolstein association of municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Immediate measures were primarily aimed at provisionally rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure for its users.

Then it was necessary to document the greater damage locally, to work out possible solutions and to determine the costs. igr was commissioned by the local authority of Gerolstein to record flood damage to traffic routes in some of the local communities.

For this purpose, igr employees inspected the local road network and the agricultural roads in five communities and documented the damage by using questionnaires and photos.

To locate the damage and evaluate the length of the damage, the photos were entered into a geographic information system (GIS) and stored with the data from the questionnaires. Therefore, all damage is clearly displayed with photo documentation on a digital map and serves as the basis for an individual approach to damage elimination and for cost estimation.

Stefanie Seiffert