As part of the modernization and reconstruction measures of the Bundeswehr's central hospital in Koblenz, preparatory work is currently underway for the construction of a new operating and functional building. Since 2015, igr has been commissioned with the planning, the construction supervision and the coordination of the traffic facilities and the engineering structures.

So far, the new parking garage, new ambulance station, auditorium and accommodation building including all infrastructure have already been built.

As part of the site clearance for the new operating building, several buildings such as the old ambulance station, the auditorium and accommodation buildings currently are being demolished and the infrastructure in this area is deconstructed and relocated. In August, the construction of the 130 x 80 m and approx. 12 m deep building pit for the new operating building with enormous excavation work begins, which presents a logistical challenge with a high number of truck loads every day. This project will be planned and successively implemented over a period of 10 years (2015 to 2025) after project tenders in cooperation with a large team of specialist planners from all sectors.

Ulrike Simon