Overall locality strategy for wind energy use for the town of Landau in the Pfalz

The town of Landau in the Pfalz wanted to plan the use of undeveloped land for wind farms over the coming years. The basis for this was the overall locality strategy, within which potential areas for the installation of wind farms were comprehensively investigated.

For this purpose, with the aid of GIS, igr determined the conflict-free zones through the superimposition of excluded areas, such as: residential areas, expanses of water, roads, overhead power lines and radio relay routes, protection zones and areas set aside for regional planning, including any required buffer zones.

These areas underwent a detailed evaluation, and potentially suitable locations were recommended to the town of Landau.

Services provided by igr

  • Overall locality strategy for wind energy
  • Preparation of changes to the land use development plan
  • Procurement of state planning opinion
  • Carrying through of the necessary participation processes
  • Preparation of an environmental report

Key figures

  • ca. 83 km² investigation area
  • ca. 44,000 inhabitants