Planning the photovoltaic system on the Treskavac waste reception hall, the island of Krk, Croatia

The first photovoltaic system on the island of Krk was built on the roof of the Treskavac waste reception hall. The system has an output of 136.8 kWp.

The island of Krk, with its municipal operator Ponikve d.o.o. is the front runner for environmental and climate protection in the region.

igr provided the entire authorisation and planning services for the construction project. The system will be subsidised through the Croatian environmental fund.

Services provided by igr

  • Project leadership/project management
  • Entire project planning
  • Authorisation processes
  • Tender processes
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • ca. 934 m² roof area
  • ca. 136.8 kWp
  • ca. 169,886 kWh solar power harvest