Zero-emissions strategy for the integrated development of the island of Krk, Croatia

The commitment to a strategy of avoiding greenhouse gases represents a new approach for Croatia and south east Europe. ‘Zero-emissions’ describes the approach adopted, rather than an absolute goal. Following a detailed analysis of the starting situation and the intrinsic potential of the island, a number of illustrative improvement options will be defined, along with the corresponding expected viability of each.

The overall finding of the analysis will form the basis for the zero-emissions strategy, which will be embedded in local policy making. The effects of this long-term commitment to avoiding greenhouse gases can, in addition, be integrated into existing marketing and public communication, and thereby promote the transformation of the island into a sustainable tourist destination in Europe. To enable a long-term identification with this strategy, it will be developed by local decision-makers as well as international specialists.

Services provided by igr

  • Identification of key people in the region and the establishment of a network
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation (energy and material flows)
  • Analysis of the region’s potential (energy efficiency and renewable energy)
  • Development of a zero-emissions strategy
  • Project-related external communication

Key figures

  • ca. 20,000 inhabitants