Pre-feasibility study of biomass, Krk island, Croatia

The island of Krk is the front runner in the area of environmental protection in Croatia. In the course of the project, the broad feasibility of a biogas plant was investigated, so that in the future the organic waste, produced through tourism as well as the cultivation of olives and vines, can be used profitably.

The study is based on detailed on-site investigations, namely, a so-called material flow analysis. In partnership with those responsible for the project, technical and economic background conditions were clarified, on the basis of the identified development potential. Within these conditions scenarios were generated, in order to show the sensitivity of project activity against the changes in a number of variables. The analyses showed that it is possible to install and profitably operate an anaerobic digester on the island of Krk.

Services provided by igr

  • Material flow analysis
  • Stakeholder and network analysis
  • Potential balance sheet
  • Rough technical design
  • Economic feasibility exploration and scenario analysis

Key figures

  • ca. 406 km² investigation area
  • ca. 20,000 inhabitants