In August 2017 igr AG, in its role as lead for technical and environmental planning, submitted the authorisation documentation for a forward-looking and innovative infrastructure project.

The plans are becoming firmer.  Since igr has acquired more important projects in Hessen in recent years, we now also want to move geographically closer to our customers. 

For more than 10 years igr has supported three sponsored children on their way to a self-determined and dignified life.  The sponsorship facilitates the child’s schooling and career’s training, and ensures his/her nutritional and medical needs are met.  This allows the sponsored child to have a self-determined and financially independent life. More generally, through its sponsorship scheme, igr is combating child labour and child poverty.

The annual North Pfalz Autumn Festival (Nordpfälzer Herbstfest) took place in Rockenhausen from the 8th to the 11th September. As is the case every year, on the Monday igr AG invited all its staff to a joint lunch in the festival tent.

In the city of Erfurt numerous underground utility conduits for infrastructure supply in the city are operated by the SWE-Netz (Erfurt public utility group).