The development work for the building area "Hinter der Bahn" in Wörrstadt is finished. In view of this occasion an opening ceremony has been celebrated on the 6th of September.

The mayor of the city and the Palatia (subsidiary of igr) welcomed numerous guests at best summer weather. Almost a year after groundbreaking the works of public development have been completed and the first private buildings will celebrate the topping-out ceremony shortly.


By decision of the city council, 96 building plots have been developed on 8 ha area under the management of the Palatia. In this process 1 250 m of road, 3 200 m of canal and approx. 11 000 m of supply lines were constructed. In the course of the development work, a water re-naturalization of the Mühlbach with a bridge structure in the area of the access road to the building area was implemented. Within the construction area, a new day care center will be built.

Nearly 100 new building plots mean not only the creation of new living space, but also an impetus for growth in the region. The domestic construction industry will benefit from approx. € 40 Mio. as a result of the upcoming construction measures.

Ulrike Simon