Environmental planning Hessian Reed

The protection of natural species and habitat diversity plays a major role in major projects. This also applies to the planning of a 17 kilometer long redundant water pipeline in the Hessian Reed.

The planned reed line of the Hessenwasser GmbH & Co KG runs from the waterworks in Allmendfeld to the connection in Wolfskehlen in the west of Darmstadt. In this project, igr is responsible for environmental planning, including ecological construction supervision.

The nature conservation studies, site visits, the environmental prevention concept and all plannings over the course of the large Scoping appointment of the approval agency is now published in the Hessen water magazine "Inside Out" in the current summer edition 2019. At present, the planning permission documents are being prepared for a large public legal procedure starting in 2020. 

Tina Lüer und Daniel Heintz

The full article of igr by Tina Lüer and Daniel Heintz can be found here.