Extensive work on the route U1, U2, U3 and U8 in the Hessian summer holidays

Again, this year igr is looking after various construction sites of VGF. This includes especially the A-Route.

The work which leads to the blockage of the lines U1, U2, U3 and U8 (A-Route) during the summer holidays is largely underground - in the tunnel section between South Station and Miquel/Adickesallee.

Railroad switch-renewal

The VGF renews ten switches on the tunnel section between South Station and Miquel/Adickesallee. Affected are the areas at "Willy-Brandt-Platz" (four switches), the "Miquel-/Adickesallee" (four each) and the "Eschenheimer Tor" (two). The removal and reinstallation of point controls and the train protection are related to the switch-renewal.

Work is ongoing around the clock and is supervised by employees of igr AG Rhine-Main branch (Darmstadt site).

Above-ground work

Some work also takes place above ground. This work includes:

  • Replacement of a total of seven switches that connect the depot Heddernheim with the main line.
  • Renewal of tracks, railroad ties and trackbed to a total of 750 meters between Heddernheim and Dornbusch. Here, more than 2 000 tons of ground and track ballast are moved. Work before and on the Maybach-Bridge and in the station Heddernheim as well are in progress.

Andreas Brand