The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) claims as part of the EU Regulation 139/2014 an implementation of maintenance programs (Pavement Management Systems) including preventive redevelopment and repair measures (M&R = Maintenance & Rehabilitation) for flight operation areas for unification and compliance of basic safety standards on all airports affected.

Thereby the state of flight operation systems depends essentially on the year of construction and the load intensity of the aircraft. Since the required investment volume for M&R measures, results from the existing state in connection with the predicted air traffic, an effective use and maintenance of the flight operation areas is necessary in order to optimize the investment effort.

In buildup and support of those Pavement Management Systems (PMS) igr draws on the established software solution PAVERTM, which already has been used on different international airports.

Airport Baden-Airpark

In the years 2009 and 2010, igr carried out the initial survey and evaluation of approx. 530 000 m² of flight operation areas at Baden-Airpark. In the following years a status assessment of subareas took place in periodical tenses. Finally, around 174 000 m² of flight operation areas were inspected in may 2019.

Airport Düsseldorf

During the first Pavement Management System installation at the International Airport Düsseldorf igr was commissioned with the initial inspection of all flight operation areas in may 2015. Until yet 560 000 m² have been inspected and entered into the program.

In July 2019 the inspection of the remaining areas (a. o. runways, taxiways) with a size of approximately 750 000 m² by a MFV (Multi-Functional Vehicle) outside the flight times is planned. After finishing this phase of assignment full flight operation areas will be gathered, evaluated and entered into the PAVERTM database as part of the initial installation

Christina Pastor Brandt