The municipal utilities of the association of municipalities of Bruchmühlbach-Miesau instructed igr to renovate the water tower, which had been built in 1950.

For water supply within the association of municipalities of Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, the municipal utilities maintain a system of ground- and tower tanks to regulate the water pressure. Structural defects inside and on the retaining beams of the water tank and hygienic issues as well were the reasons for the renovation of the 50 m high water tower. During the renovation the whole building was adapted to the newest stand. The structural restoration of the tower construction including 1 000 m² concrete area repairs and the replacement of the pipe-infrastructure with 70 m stainless steel pipes was part of this project. Furthermore, the restoration of the water tank for an optimal mixing of the content in future was on. Here, the water tank was realized with mineral coating. In addition, all other technical equipment of the tower was renewed and optimized for example a new wall-mounted slewing jib to transport all needed heavy objects and to replace the middle spiral staircase of stainless steel.

The renovation completion and the start up for the tower-illumination was celebrate with a small drink. The visitors had to climb 146 dizzy tower stairs to have an impressive panorama view on Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, the Saarland and the neighboring associations of municipalities "Oberes Glantal" (district Kusel) and "Ramstein-Miesenbach". igr is one of the sponsors who, with their financial support, made the project "Shining Water Tower" cost-neutral for the citizens. So, in the future, the renovated and illuminated Water Tower of Miesau will be visible from many locations in the immediate vicinity.

Ulrike Simon