As part of the agenda „Youth encounter YOUrope“, which is promoted by the European Union, eight teenagers and one supervisor found their way to the igr on the 24th of July 2018. Five polish, one croatian and two german teenagers from three partner cities of Rockenhausen participated in the agenda, to form international friendships and discuss cross-border topics like integration of refugees, opportunities of education in foreign countries and unemployment of the youth.

The group was welcomed in Rockenhausen and cared for by apprentices. Guided by a presentation, they introduced not only the office, but also job and future opportunities they can have in this branch of industry.

The igr is training draftsmen for many years now and this progress was introduced closer to the guests. While learning theoretical parts at school, the practical part is transmitted by the company. Through long standing experience the igr can show a wide variety of education with a high quality. Educated draftsmen got the opportunity to study dual, complete a further education as a technician or various other continuing education opportunities. To show the diversity of being a draftsmen, the guests could afterwards solve some little practical tasks. At the end last questions were answered during a comfortable lunch.

Report: Jan Worf, Quang-Huy Nghiem, Jana Bungert