This year’s annual staff meeting took place as usual at igr’s head office in Rockenhausen.

85 members of staff from Rockenhausen, the branch offices and igr’s daughter companies (including freelancers) attended. Mr. Andres began by welcoming the 20 new members of staff and inviting them to introduce themselves.  After this, he and Mrs. Kuhn provided an overview of igr’s business performance in 2017, and the plans for 2018. Then, each of the branch office managers made a presentation about their branch office, Mrs. Simon talked about all of the specialist departments in Rockenhausen, and Mr. Bruch reported on behalf of Palatia and the Bitburg/Schweich branch office.

In the evening, the board of directors had invited everyone to a New Year’s reception, and, following the honouring of long-serving members of staff, the day ended with a delicious meal and genial conversation.